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I Forsake My Fears And Kayak This Morning --- Alone --- In the Dark

INSPIRATION ---I went kayaking this morning. You may wonder why I'd take the time to write about it, but consider this: I started out on the water at 5:30 a.m. It is dark. There is no moon. Only the stars, clouds and freaky loud owl whooshing by are out at this time, as far as I can tell.

Oh, I hear the crickets or cicadas or whatever they are called that normally give me comfort during long, hot summer nights, but this morning I don't seem to notice them much.

More than anything else, at pitch black darkness, I find myself acutely aware that I am alone. Along with intense concentration to maneuver around twists, turns and fallen logs in the dark, I become introspective. I feel oddly off kilter, somewhat off-balanced ... my husband isn't here. I take wrong turns. My heart beats quickly and jumps at the slightest sound. I tell myself I have nothing to fear but fear. I paddle on.

I went kayaking alone because I have something to prove to myself and because I was inspired by new found Twitter bud, Shawn Brown. After viewing his pics and reading his blog I realize I've been harboring a fear greater than others I currently cling to: I cannot swim, I am fatter than I'd like and am deathly afraid of water --- especially of big water. "I'd make some alligator a meaty meal," I say --- when I'm not joking. To keep me alive these 50+ years, I've clung to all kinds of "truths" --- such as big people make better fish bait. They have little to do with fact and everything to do with my own insecurities.

I discover: I'm "yellerbellied" doing some things alone.

You see, I have been married my entire adult life. I know what it is like to be independent of my husband --- but for the most part, I do everything with him. I don't consider it a weakness; it is just the way it is. That is, until I got the nerve to kayak alone in the dark, waiting for the sunrise.

On this weekend morning, I am a sole kayaker in a wide expanse of river wonder. I encounter male boaters, male fishermen, males sitting by the docks, men doing what I did --- taking the time to get out at sunrise to inhale the rituals of life.

Which leads me to another thought: a large majority of BeachnRiver kayaking guests have been single dads. For every 10 informational calls, one tenth come from women. Of those women, only ONE trip was taken by a gal and her girl friend --- and they were repeat kayakers.

Why is that? I wonder.

I'd love it if everyone who has read this, reads Shawn Brown's blog "Early Morning Kayaking Adventure" and ask yourself what keeps you from trying new adventures? What excuses do you make that keep you from exploring? The husband/wife or kids excuse works when purchasing a home/car or some major decision, but trust me when I say, "you can do this". You can plop yourself in a single, sit-atop kayak, paddle from side to side, and propel yourself to unknown pleasures.

Who knows what fears you will forsake?

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